Book Details: Voyage from Venice to the Holy Sepulchre and Mount Sinai most copiously described, with drawings of countries, cities, ports and churches … –Niccolò Zoppino and Vincenzo di Paolo [Venice 1518]

Restoration required:

– Photo documentation of the volume to assess its current condition.

  • Analysis of pages

– Manual dusting of pages with soft-bristled brushes.
– Disbinding of the volume by careful removal of the binding thread.
– Solubility testing and chromatic spot testing of illustrations.

– Washing of the pages with deionized water.

– Deacidification bath in calcium bicarbonate solution.

– Brush application of Tylose MH 300 P in 2% aqueous solution to the pages.

–  Repairing rips and mending the pages with Japanese paper (Vangerow 517) and Japanese vellum (Vangerow 502) with Tylose MH 300 P in 4% aqueous solution.

– Detachment of the endpapers with hydroalcoholic solution.

– Sewing a new raised cord binding in pelle allumata fenduta.

– Creation of new backing in Japanese paper.

– Creation of new headbands in pelle allumata.

– Cleaning of the parchment covers with hydroalcoholic solution.

– Humidification of the parchment covers in a tent with cool ultrasound vapor.

– Smoothing of the covers.

– Restoration of parchment cover with Japanese paper (Vangerow 517) and cowhide

– Anchoring the cover to the pages.

COST €452,44

TAXES (22%) € 99,53

TOTAL COST € 551,97

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